Ardanoth (air-da-noth)

They met in a bar.
This was a different bar than Goravog had ever seen. The bars he was used to were full of a rough and tumble lot, ready to drink and ready to fight. This bar was run by an old man whom had let the priests of some new god, all but take over. Though he didn’t choose this bar, he was following a halfling tradeswoman and a human luminary. With a bar choice like this, what could they know of fighting for glory or living for the thrill of life? It seemed to Goravog that everyone was so stuck on what they should be doing they never stopped and asked if they really wanted to.

The meeting inital meeting of the companions started with Goravog, a Half-Orc bent on glory, bent to make a name for himself. Approaching, Vintra Marktunsel Chicane Guild head and the local Luminary Capitan Capitan Galed during their “off” hours. Inquiring about a job posted by the Chicane Guild, and meant to be addressed by a guild foreman, not the guilds leader. The job, retrieving goods pilfered by bandits. That was the very thing on Vintra’s mind at the moment. As it had recently become a bigger problem and was squeezing her bottom line as her supplies dwindled. So, she happily accepted Goravog’s offer to help, but warned he would need assistance. “As the last group that was sent never returned whole.”

Goravog then determined to try and bother every patron, bartender or server he deemed remotely interesting. (Obviously the biggest looking first.) As his luck would have it, he ran smack into Nam a ravishingly beautiful and charming, half-elf, at which point Goravog lost himself. After blubbering off a bit of rubbish, he finally got his request across to Nam, and because he felt he needed to compensate for feeling so elfish, the entire rest of the patronage. After yelling off his awkward request for companionship, (which I am sure got taken the wrong way by several in the establishment) and before Nam could answer, the two were then approached by an inquisitive gnome. “Hello, My name is Zee. We have several types of ale here at the Sly Wink. What are you looking for?” Goravog not quite over himself, then yelled “Glory and Fame!!!” as he began to flex his muscles in front of everyone, particularly Nam, to compensate for his awkwardness.

The then curious gnome proceeded to work out, as best he could, the requests that the barbarian had. With the help (to the credit) of Zee, Goravog was able to convince Nam, another half-elf named Able, and of course Zee himself to accompany him on this dangerous job. Shorty after a charter was written up, by Zee, and everything was worked out with Vintra. The next thing Goravog knew he was being handed ale to “try” and patted on the back by Zee, a resident priest and apprentice brew-man of the establishment. “Nice to be in your acquaintance, since we are now companions, I think you should know my full-ish name.” said Zee “It’s Zee Tangleslinger”

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