Goravog the Barbarian


Male Half-0rc Barbarian
STR 15
DEX 12
CON 17
INT 13
CHA 12
COM 11

Walks around with either a great-sword or a great-axe ‘cause well they are big and have great in the name. He is also partial to the flail. For a ranged weapon Goravog was trained in the use of the blowgun.

Fort 7
Reflex 1
Will -1


Goravog, well he’s a funny one, wants to live the best life of glory that he can make for himself. Can usually be found in a bar flirting with every female in his vicinity. That’s not to say he’s a ladies man, more of a “be very persistent” type. It seems to work for him and he’s not too picky, (he is a half-orc after all) so he usually has some lonely girl or two hanging on his arms. (Often to make their fathers outraged) If he’s not flirting, he’s fighting, sometimes with outraged fathers, or drinking or both.

Another odd thing about Goravog is that he is a leatherworker, well the really odd part is that he really enjoys making purses. He usually has some idea for the next purse that he wants to make in his head This might be a part of his odd charm, coming back from an adventure, covered in blood, he skins his kill, and first thing, makes purses, go figure.


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