Old Man Shiggetam


Human Monk2/ Expert3


Owner and frequent bartender of the Sly Wink, A recent convert of Cayden Cailean he now shares his bar with a handful of clerics.

A former monk who did some adventuring and spent much time in a monastery that dabbled in ale production. Until he realized he liked ale too much the and meditation to little. Now Shiggetam, thanks to the clerics, tends to run his bar more like the monastery, where he learned to brew, than a bar. He has found this much more acceptable, as he now spends less time worrying about bar-fights breaking the furniture and smashing his stock, and more time listening to stories of his patrons. The Sly Wink is now home so some of the more exotic booze, and touts near a hundred types of ale, with seven distinct ales brewed right there in Sumberton.

Old Man Shiggetam

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