Zee Tangleslinger

Gnome cleric of Cayden Cailean. Sky blue hair and sea blue eyes with a friendly demeanor.


Zee Tangleslinger – CG
Class: Cleric 2 – Race: Gnome – Sex: Male
Age: 33 – Ht: 3’7" – Wt: 38 Lbs – Eyes: Sea blue – Hair: Sky blue
Deity: Cayden Cailean (God of Freedom, Ale, Wine, Bravery)
HP: 24 – +1

STR: 14
DEX: 13
CON: 18
INT: 11
WIS: 17
CHA: 17
COM: 15

AC: 20 (Touch: 12, Flat-footed 19)
Fortitude: +7
Reflex: +1
Will: +6

Masterwork Rapier
Masterwork Heavy Mace
Javelins (6)
Masterwork Breastplate
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield
Silver Tankard (Holy symbol and drinking device)
Misc. other gear…

Simple Weapon, Gnome Weapon and Rapier Proficiencies
Light and Medium Armor, and Shield Proficiencies
Turn Undead1

Acrobatics -3
Climb -2
Diplomacy +7
Escape Artist -3
Fly -3
Heal +7
Knowledge (Planes) +4
Knowledge (Religion) +4
Perception +5
Profession (Brewing) +9
Ride -3
Spellcraft +4
Stealth +1
Swim -2

Languages: Common, Gnome, Sylvan

Agile Feet2
Strength Surge2
Low-light vision3
Aura of Good (Powerful)
Aura of Chaos (Powerful)
Channel Energy (1d6)4

CP: 11
SP: 21
GP: 4012

Experience Points: 2170 (Medium progression5)

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2 Pathfinder, p. 47
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5 Pathfinder, p. 30


Zee hails from the town of Stumpflats in the Valley of Obelisks. He was raised in the church of Cayden Cailean and when he came of age to choose a path, he chose to walk the road of the wanderer. He travels from town to town, trading his skills as a brewer for food and shelter, spreading the Gospel of Beer.
He is frindly and personable, flirting with every girl he meets, no matter what they might look like to the rest of the world they are always beautiful to him, but he never builds lasting relationships. The closest anyone has ever come to tying him down is the owner of the Holly Rod Tavern in his home town, who he visits for one night every time his travels take him through the town.
As he travels, he gathers rare and unusual ingredients, always striving to create the next great brew. Along the way, he is more than willing to take up arms when he sees intelligent beings being oppressed, spreading Freedom in the name of his god.
Zee never owns more than he can carry, and never sleeps in the same place twice in a row. If he stays in one location too long, he has been heard to speak of his “itchy feet” wanting to move along. He rarely has a destination on his travels, occasionally joining with groups of adventurers and explorers, and occasionally choosing his direction at random.

Zee Tangleslinger

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