World Specific Guide Race

Dwarves: Dwarves No Rule changes

Dwarves generally like to be left to their work. The few that step out of those bounds do so for clan, for gold, or because they were exiled or dishonored in some way. Generally, share a distrust of Arcane magic, or what they see as arcane magics, hence a very general mistrust of elves in particular.

Elves: No Rule changes

They have slight guideline change in that they avoid magic use around “uninitiated” humans. They also generally, view dwarves as a race with goals contrary to there own, they do not treat them with hostility but have a disdain for parts of their culture i.e. digging / living in the ground, in particular. Some believe thus may spawn from a backlash to Dark Elves and them abiding in the Underdark.

Gnomes: No Rule changes .

They are the go-between for most trade between dominate races, particularly elves and dwarves. Though non-gnomes know of three locations, Gnomes actually have five main muti-city locations scattered throughout the world.

Half-Elves: No Rule changes

Half-Orcs: No Rule changes

Halflings; No Rule changes ; Halflings are in large slaves/ subservient to Humans. Some accept this as how it is some do mot. There are also scattered halfling tribes and rumors of a, more advanced, Halfling civilization.

Humansl: No Rule changes : dominate race, Most other more magical races, are taught withhold magical knowledge for human society. They are perceived as a still untested and flighty aspect in the world by elves. Lacking “character” as a race and too often as encroachers, on addition to goblinoids, of protected Dwarven runes by the stout Dwarves. Humans are a viewed as a fledgling race/civilization just starting to come into it’s own, with internal struggles as a race, that will oft bring other races into their conflicts.

World Specific Guide Race

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